Dear partaker,


You have never experienced the practice and space of the speculative rigged dialogue, an ever expanding tarot deck for future conversation means little to nothing to you. You just entered the space, what do you know? How do you experience freedom during this practice? What are the constraints? How to prepare you for this, can you be prepared, ready for this practice? What does that have to do with informed consent. Weirdly, I like it when I don’t understand the pulley’s and ropes and weight ratio’s. Maybe it has to do with the fact that in the world, systems of carrying and caring are also impossible to unravel. But is this in contrast with informed consent? Camille, Fran and Elena know more or less what they are getting into, but you have never been in this space. 


So what are your needs? Do you need to understand? Do you need to know everyone in the space is okay? Do you need to be connected? Does that have to be a physical connection? Did you feel the freedom to move? Did you feel the constraints of not-knowing, did you feel the constraints of your body? I need you to participate, I need your consent for that. But what do you need in order to do that? 


As a last question, I’m interested in how your presence is a constraint for the Elena, Camille and Fran and how it grants them a form of freedom. How is someone’s or somethings freedom a constraint for other stuff? 


I guess what we learn is that things or intereconnected, and often that renders us immobile, but sometimes, when I watch immobility it gives me a sensation of release, and thus of freedom. 


Let me know what you think and need,