Dear Universe,


I feel like my practice is a dialogue with you, which is also me. I think David Bohm said something about that separation of self – like I am fragment of a smashed watch trying to make sense of myself in relation to you. What is the dialogue with? Your laws, your gravity, especially gravity, weight, balance, etc. Then often the world get in the way + I end up concerning myself with body politics, the rules of society + how the body is perceived and conceived. Then maybe about that separation + fragmentation – about shifting the borders of what I think of myself of my body. How is this dialogue shared? The audience experience the same physical laws like gravity, balance etc. Maybe they have different relationship with them but I think there is something recognisable in my relation with those things that allows an audience in. Then usually my audience are subject to the societal laws of how the body in space is read – but of course the experience of this changes according to each specific body. Here I am limited to speak within the confines of my own body knowing the universe is mostly a void – a vast space that is not empty but not understood. There is something about curiosity + dialogue then -> the audience can contribute to the dialogue from their own position. None of us need to know everything. All of us need to listen. I like to create spaces for listening. Theatres are like spaces for listening. Thanks for listening. 


All my infinite love, 


F xxx



A handwritten version of the above text