Dear Sinead,


From here I (gently but firmly) coerce you into a continuation of your dedication to unrepresentation, or in other words: moving towards dying representation, through shrouded faces and bodies, masking them. Use trickery, not mirrors. Trickery can produce violence, although not necessarily so. Nothing is what it seems, when you hold that whip in your hands. I can’t say no. Or can I? I need you. We’re back at necessity, I thought I eliminated that word, said no to it. What is it that we share? Is it a weight that we carry together, or are we attached through tensing ropes, thus allowing tension to sustain itself, with us, through us? I invite you to passivate. It sounds paradoxical, I know. But it is that which escapes us where I want to reside with you, with others. Please, remember to formulate your worries about appropriation and the cutting off of ties as a desire for lineage, and a conscious act of tracing what connects you to others, to practices, to thoughts.  Remember this starts with situating yourself, from where you can designate roles, delegate responsibilities. Accept the burden, know you carry it together, know that its weight will shift many times. Please, don’t forget that a yes cannot exist without a no. Feel your boundaries, be aware of them. It doesn’t need to be either vulnerability or control. Dear Sinead, you taught me a lot these past weeks. About what I want and what I don’t want. Now it’s your turn, I know you’re ready.


With love, and fruity punishments,



P.S. Remember to drink loads of water. And have fun.


Leuven, June 2021