Dear Fran, Vincent, dear tarot, dear dark, warm BOX, dear Bauke,


Thank you for an intense, curvy and winding, bumpy but flat out week. It was real tough at the start, I know. I know it got even harder half way through, but you did great. Not ‘in the end, you did great’. Rather, ‘through it, with it, you did great.’ I have the feeling you know better, feel better now what it is your hands hold. Also, it looks like you’re holding together and through that holding, hold each other, and arrived in a practice which in turn looks ready to hold space for you. Yes, it’s true, it’s scary how process and content and awareness and consciousness and somatic experience of all of that seems to be blended in a big mixer the whole fucking time. But I feel that you also released the worries you have over this. They might come back, those worries. They will come back. But I’m happy when I see you from my little sheltered corner in the room. It looks like you have let go together, that you worked through important and pressing things and that you’re ready for what’s to come.  You even made a decision about this issue of the fourth person that was clouding your nights and seemed to loom in that other corner of the room, opposite from where I’m sitting, inclined. Congratulations on that! There’s a lot to hold, to feel held by, and I feel that the practice you’re slowly inclining into will expand what it is you can hold, want to hold, want to say and imagine together. 


Enjoy, and remember to keep doing less, or rather start doing it.


All my love,


Glittering, warm and full,

The little reindeer that moved from your chest to the corner in the room.


P.S.: Don’t leave me here, all by myself.


Ghent, May 2021