Dear Interdependence,


When I go up, you go down. When I let go you have to hold on. We react to each other, sometimes in words, other times, in weight, movement , or energy. If you give something, I get something out, but if I just don’t do anything, let go and don’t focus on you it becomes so much harder to get you back. Sometimes, I wish things just happened, without me constantly having to fight for it, but then again I don’t think it would mean the same to me. I wouldn’t really care. The connection is what makes it special, the deep relationship we have built, which 

I can’t really put in words. Maybe I can put it in thoughts, since they say more than words to me. I will have a thinking dialogue with you, I will hear you in the attention that I give. I will listen with attention, with my skin, with my eyes and my thoughts.


Love Saar.



A handwritten scan of the above text