Dear future tied space,


From here, I coerce you into readiness using 13 thoughts. 


Thought 1: It was not explicitly present these days, but I still feel preparation is central to our practice. We’re trying to generate and be a passivating part of a fertile soil for improbable thoughts, events, futures and attachment. 


Thought 2: How can a new partaker be ready? Ready to say no, ready to resist, ready to surrender, ready for tension, ready for weight, ready for images of death and violence, ready to negotiate their role? 


Thought 3: How can we be ready? Ready to think what is left unsaid, what is hidden. 


Thought 4: Who is we, who and what is inside? How to negotiate these roles and boundaries? 


Thought 5: What kind of trickery can we use to coerce us and the space into a state of readiness, receptiveness, awareness, flexibility?  We’ve been using somatic warm-ups, we’ve been adding fictional layers to the space, we’ve been explicitly asking for consent, we’ve been 

What else is there to do? I coerce you to think about that. 


Thought 6: There is a sweet sort of tension in the idea of being ready to surrender, ready to not do, ready to delegate, ready to collapse maybe. Let’s welcome that tension within you future tied space. 


Thought 7: What do you as a tied space coerce on us, and what do we coerce on you? Is metaphor and representation a way of coercing you into something we’ve pre-decided through theory or all too human expectations. Or are your sudden representational eruptions a form of coercion from your side? 


Thought 8: How not to be within you (as a space), but of you? 


Thought 9: What is the pain of being of you? How do we negotiate that pain, is it shareable? Who carries the responsibility for it? Is responsibility something you carry or something you hold tight, as a form of tension? 


Thought 10: Dear tight space, please have these ugly but practical bright green emergency exit signs. 


Thought 11: What kind of violences do you allow, generate or make impossible? 


Thought 12: Dear future space, where is North? 


Thought 13: Dear future space, where is salvation? 


Thought 14: Destroy your body!!!!



One of yours, one of us



Leuven, June 2021