Please read this letter with Temperance: balance, peace, patience, moderation, calm, tranquillity, harmony, serenity. This is the card I drew for it.

Dear B&V,

Hey! It feels like because it is ‘summer holidays’, this should be a postcard, informing you about the weather (rain) and the time difference (1 hour). I am well, I have had time to work a bit on my other projects and last week I did a week-long workshop in queer audio description led by Amelia Cavallo.

In thinking about a line of research, I was compelled to read my original proposal that I wrote for ‘The Circus Dialogues (continued)’… but had long forgotten about. I was surprised and also not at all surprised to read that past-Fran’s focus was on space! Specifically, to engage with space itself as a collaborator (or dialogue partner?).

Aside from this, I have been reading a lot (novels mainly), training with Lucie which has been lovely, maintenance (body, van, boat, friendships), helping my friends (or I suppose more hanging out with my friends) who have a tented show just up the river from me. Most of the cast are born after the millennium and are fresh and enthusiastic which is lovely (I think being in the UK brings out the word lovely in me!) and soon I will go sailing – Rob keeps sending me pictures of idyllic coastlines and baby dolphins!

Well, apologies for the brevity of this letter – I’m not very full of words right now. Maybe more will come.

Much love,


PS Tomorrow my friend will give me a tattoo – at the print workshop we ran from my boat, my friend (who is 8 years old) drew a fox with a cap holding a lamppost and I would like it tattoo’d on my ankle, because it’s a great drawing and also because I think it will boost his confidence 🙂