Dear Saar,


We are in balance – that’s what I read from your letter. Or maybe even, we are balance. For me, there is no question of having to hold on when you let go – that is what happens. I try to read your thoughts in between the letters – of course as interdependency, this is natural for me – I am connected to your moving thoughts, but it’s less natural for me to write about it. But you wrote to me, so I will reply. I am dependent on your conception of the world. Your up becomes my up. Your down becomes my down. I think about that a lot – about how we all have to shift + move according to each others’ perception of reality. I wish more people would pay me this kind of attention. I have been forgotten – otherwise I would still be invisible. Like Joni Mitchell and Janet Jackson said, “you don’t know what u got till it’s gone”.


It’s not easy to keep attention, huh? I know – as interdependency my attention is wide. I have a soft, open focus – if I had skin, it would be porous + open for exchange. There is so much focus these days in the modern world on independency which, when I first heard it I mistook for being in-dependency like in a state of dependency. Haha. Funny!


With all my balanced love, 






Photo of a handwritten version of the above text Photo of a handwritten version of the above text