Dear Camille,


No need to thank me, that dialogue is what makes me who I am. I am between you + the world (I am also you + the world but let’s not go there today hehe). I think I provide some consistency for you, right? Some confines or limits to explore between. I like that. It makes me feel reliable. The long + repetitive connection I think is something very precious + perhaps undervalued. Do you think of me as a connection? A connector? Am I an in-between or also something in my own right. I would say the former – I would also say that that may be true for u too right? You are an in-between + the thing u relate to make you what you are. We are connectors you + me + Camille – that’s powerful. That’s dialogue, right? Paying attention to those relations, connections, the thinking together? How can thinking not be done together with something? When u find a thinking together partner, + u develop a dialogue, or language that you find very precious. I like our secret language – I think me [indecipherable] say things that are secret even to us – like a code we have to decode like secret agents. I don’t mean to be so intense, I also just like hanging out sometimes, you know. Can dialogue be just that sometimes – just hanging out – things flowing between us. 


Let’s hang soon, 









An image of a handwritten version of the above letter
A image of a handwritten version of the above text