Dear past me,

This week we prepared for unevenness, for confusion, and for fusion. We prepared for tying the dialogue, for rigging, for topping. My left butt prepared for pain. Are we ready? Are we ready to be ready? This week we prepared for waiting, for stretching, for warming up, for lettering, for taroting, for checking, in and out (and for the “there is not in and out”). This week we prepared for mermaid ties, tied hands, womb harnesses and double height no way out. We prepared for no way out. And for no way in. We prepared for un-duality. For the skin, the boundary, the seeing, the world and the non world. Confusion. A fusion.


Dear future rigged dialogue,

From here I coerce you to unrepresent the roles.

Please, be violent about weighting the tension.

Let the readiness of the NO be a lineage.

Passivate the shroud’s trickery.

Welcome the pleasure of the punishment.


Dear rigged dialogue, you are to be continued.


Leuven, June 2021