Dear space,

It is time to say goodbye. Thanks for a week of holding us together. 

Of holding the tension,

Holding the affects

Holding the suspense

Holding the thoughts

Holding the things 

Holding the in between

Holding the all around


Let it all go now, it’s been enough. Sometimes a rig needs to be cut. Time for gaping. I can feel how the week lingers on inside of me, maybe inside of you too? 

I’ll miss you, take you along, lose you on the way, find a trace of you. 


Dear tarot in the space, 

Ciao. What a presence you where. 

Thanks for doing the impossible. For wrapping tightly in timeframes we couldn’t have imagined before. 

Thanks for obscuring and clarifying. 

Thanks for giving direction, thanks for the opaqueness of that direction. 


Dear Fran and Bauke,

It’s time for a beer. I’m grateful for your presences. 

I entered the space heavy with worries and desires I thought were superfluous, impossible or missing the point.

I leave the space high on satisfaction, trust and excitement for coming spaces, thoughts and dialogues. 


I can’t wait to return in a rigged space with you and things and feelings and thoughts and all around where dialogue manifests in the queerest ways. 


Dear futures, 

Now we quit looking for you, I feel you’re nearer than ever. 

Just wanted to acknowledge and appreciate your presence. 

Can’t wait to meet you, we’ll keep prepping the space in the meantime





Ghent, May 2021