Dramaturge and artistic researcher Bauke Lievens initiated several artistic research projects at KASK & Conservatorium (Ghent, BE) around circus. These projects were Between Being and Imagining (2013-2017), The Circus Dialogues (2018-2020), and The Circus Dialogues (continued) (2020-present). Each of the three projects was shaped by the dialogues with and between the co-researchers, participants, satellite researchers and dialogue partners. What follows is a list of (co-)researchers.

Bauke Lievens (BE, 1985) studied Theatre Studies at UGent and Philosophy of Contemporary Art at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. She is a lecturer and researcher at the Drama department of KASK School of Arts in Ghent. As a freelance dramaturg, Bauke works with various circus, dance and theatre companies such as Un Loup pour l’Homme (FR), Floor Van Leeuwen (NL), Arno Ferrera & Gilles Pollet (BE), Marieke & Sophia, …. Since 2015, she is been making her own work, creating ANECKXANDER (2015) and Raphaël (2017) – both with Alexander Vantournhout. Bauke has published two books on artistic research in circus. In 2020 she received an Ultima for her work as a dramaturg and researcher. 

Sebastian Kann (US, 1991) is a circus artist, theorist, pedagogue, and performance dramaturg. While studying at the École nationale de cirque in Montreal (CA) he met Natalie Oleinik; together, they made circus work under the moniker Manor House. As a choreographer, he’s currently working on the relationship between dance improvisation and language (‘Topical Dance’, premiere 2024). Sebastian often works as a dramaturg for choreographers and circus artists. He lives in Montreal and teaches at ENC.

Quintijn Ketels (BE, 1983) graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels in 2004 with a specialism in group acrobatics (teeterboard/banquine). With five of his fellow graduates he then worked until 2009 under the name Hopla Circus. Their piece La Familia Rodriguez played more than 350 times over the course of a wild, international tour. In 2009, together with Aline Breucker, he co-created the company Side-Show as a platform for research and creation connecting circus and visual arts. In 2015, Quintijn received a grant from VGC (the Flemish Community Commission) for his research project Permanent Laboratory ‘From A to B’, which led to the performance Sho-ichidô.

Vincent Focquet (BE, 1997) graduated in Theatre Studies from the University of Ghent. Ever since, he has worked as a dramaturg, production manager, author, performer, organiser and everything in between. Based in Brussels (BE), he has worked with Decoratelier, Sophia Rodriguez, Kunstenplatform PLAN B, Gouvernement, Side-Show and others.

Fran Hyde (UK, 1984) likes to live and work between different realities. They easily get mixed up between what could be called fact and fantasy, and are interested in playing with the boundaries between them. They have been working with their circus company Collectif and then… for the past decade, as a performer, writer, organiser, runner, fundraiser, monster, driver and cleaner, among other roles. They graduated from the MA Contemporary Circus Practices programme at DOCH, Stockholm where they worked with a 20 litre water container who goes by the name ‘Tank’. They also took part in the Magie Nouvelle training at CNAC. Their most recent performance is called Tank & Me.