Your vision is blurred. This card indicates that you have been engaged for too long with one specific way of approaching the issue you’re grappling with. Try changing your perspective. Smoke indicates that things are not ungraspable or unreachable, rather, they are made invisible by your specific way of seeing. This card invites you to engage with other senses in your approach of what you’re grappling with. Other senses might create different ways of sensing and understanding the issues at hand. In the card, the curtain of smoke is rigged from the eyes of the seer. Find other points to rig from. Find other ways to engage with what surrounds you. You might feel lonely or bereft. Smoke, however doesn’t make people or things around you disappear. Rather, this card invites you to tend to the opacity of things and find comfort in not knowing exactly and making space for what is radically different from yourself.