No way my dear

I’d rather not

Thanks for the offer though

I’m good, thanks

I’m not up for it 

I’m sad I’m tired

No yes without no 

I need you to be able to say no

To decline

I need to be able to trust your yes 

Therefore, you must be able to say no

No and yes are like a mutually dependent couple 

They only work together 

They’re cute together

This place does not depend on your yes

I does not depend on you

You can go 

The scissors are there


Don’t you ever feel the same way? 

Is there a space to move? 

Tied space, tight space 

Create space, pull someone along

Let someone out

Do all things necessary




Eat your fears

Warn your friends

That you are going

It will pull them down



No worries, a bird screams from behind the broken window

They are coming anyway 

And that’s okay

Since you are here 

No worries, the old person in the back of the church screamed during the funeral

No worries

It’s all holding together, it’s just that the shape is shifting

I can’t imagine that, when Newton came with his idea for the total sum of energy that is always the same, He wasn’t thinking about you. About this space, about the fears, about the joy it gave. 

All together, 

But not equally


Precarious attachment

Hold on, let go

Discuss first 




A contracting space

An expanding space

No worries

It hurts