This is a revolutionary card. Something in your life/work/space/body is creating something you are called upon to resist. Perhaps it is something so enticing that it is irresistable, perhaps it is so ugly that you have no choice to resist it with all of your might. The amount with which you resist is the choice you have to make. Friction is one kind of resistance – remember that friction generates heat, and allows you to put a stop to things. Resistance is also an element of holding something up, or holding something together. Take time to explore the quality of resistance that is required.


This card is electric.


The card has two squares of silver on it – if you touch each piece of silver a small L.E.D in the bottom left corner will light up. This reminds you of the integral part your body plays in the current – if you are to resist – that which you have to resist with is in you. You will have to work physically & emotionally, in conjunction with others to make the right connections and provide the right kind of resistance.


It is time for strong and bold choices. The futures depend on these choices. Consider them carefully, organise and plan well, strategise and deal with the situation. If you decide that the object of resistance is in fact irresistable – question yourself and your desires carefully. Learn about yourself.