This card indicates a sense of things ending. It represents a rupture of temporalities, ideas and routines that feel deeply comfortable, well-known and neatly mapped out. A sudden event makes your breath feel trapped in your chest. You might feel blinded, either by a plethora of information or by an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. In the image we see a red, three-faced figure with a winged back. The figure is standing on the edge of an abyss, representing the sense of implosion or void that was struck by sudden events. It’s feet are exceptionally large. It’s three-sided head indicates a crossroads or a choice. You might feel nostalgic, and want to return to the security of well-trodden paths. This card, however, indicates that you can allow yourself to take time to regenerate, to grow a new set of wings or take time to repair the ones you already wear. Rest. Other, new blue horizons lie all around you. Rejoice in the abundance of the black currants under the foliage.