Novelty, change, abundance


Mustard suggests an added value.


Sense the space around you. What flavors are there? What topping are you? How are you blending with the others? Are you a contrasting flavor? What flavors do you bring out? Who is tasting? 


Things are about to get spicy. There is a richness to this moment, a fatty embrace, a lukewarm mass moving softly beneath your feet.


Maybe we have been through a time of lack and repetitiveness. Working hard on the foundations, doing ground-work. Sweating our ass off. Now is the time to add the extra’s. Mustard is a frivolous card. We have to allow ourselves frivolity. Mustard is a card for dancing. 


We will meet a sharp energy. The meeting will be remarkable, maybe even confrontational, trust novelty. Embrace, taste. Don’t ask for forgiveness if you don’t feel guilty.


Remember, while the secret to everything about Mustard is moderation, you can only find limits by careful transgression. There is plenty. We deserved it.