You are about to head into an eventful situation. Stuff is moving. It will change the way you experience yourself, your surroundings and whatever is in between and all around. The contract appears at a time of necessary examination of your inner and outer world. It might seem like you are at the brisk of change, but it’s important to realize that at this point, you are always already fully in it. It is surrounding you. You are in constant negotiation. What is it you are negotiating with without knowing? Can you make a bargain?  


Contract is about making things explicit. 


Contract is about knowing the parties involved and describing them carefully. 


Contract is about coming to terms, creating terms, terminology. 


Examine your connections, what are you connecting to, what is connecting to you? What kind of attachments are made? Are they fragile? Warm? Intimate? Loose? Airy? Painful? Distant? Comforting? Limiting? Suffocating? Freeing? Play a Sinead ‘O Connor song, listen carefully. See what you can take, what you have to let go, what you desire, take it or leave it.