Cupped Hands


Cupped hands, a strings’ embrace. You hold nothing now that it holds you. Eyes closed, feel the weight of what it is that is there. It engulfs, encircles, embraces you. You’re its shadow. All there is, is what it is that you are feeling. Cup of hands, hold your own. Hold it together. Let it hold the space. Recline in its inclinations. Hold (it) up. Inhale. It holds you down, keeps you up at night. Bark. Untangle the threads of its hold on you. Stay with it. Let it hold you, down. Invite it to a gentle dance, feel its winged desire. Recline. Feel its pull, its long fingers. Let these caress your tight skin. Exhale. Cup, be cupped. Pick up the threads, encircle and undo. Brace yourself. Let it. Embrace.