We are doomed. The things that are coming have come before. We expect a new arrival of what you know already, but in a new form this time. This means we might not recognize it at first. 


It’s necessary for us. We allow it. It returns. 


It doesn’t have to be real, it just has to be now. 


Necessity is a wave of sound, of water, of thoughts, of devotion, of distraction, of destruction… It comes over us from below. It covers us. 


Now is the time to see what is surrounding us, what is looming into existence. Do we need it? Do you need it? What is lacking? Necessity requires us to exist in perpetual expectance. Knowing that we can’t, we need to be ready. Know what it is that you are holding, know the waves that are coming, that have come before, that will continue, know what you are needing, know that you will have to let it go.