past, pleasure, purgation


This card announces the return of a past. You are reminded of a you that you might have buried but that continued to live inside of you. Maybe you wanted to get rid of a part of yourself, or decided to leave a situation. A realization following an impactful event will require you to revisit this past you, to re-embody and re-examine it. Doing this will feel ambiguous but might also bring joy, now that you can tell the boy and yourself apart. 


The boy might also embody a moving away from preconceived ideas, structures or patterns you or your surroundings are holding onto vigorously. It is most probably harming your community. Do not however, look away from the boy, it is among you, it is you.  


Another meaning of the boy could be the seed of a problem. It is the announcement of worry, of violence, of oppression in the form of joy and innocence. How do you tend to that? 


The chain-like necklace in the image depicts the links between past and future. The X embodies the interlinked possibilities of joy, playfulness and violence. 



Face it, pull on the shed skins from the past, just so you know you can take them off again.