Reaction, release, romance 


Bark indicates that you went to a period of reaction. Events, people or conflicts have provoked intense reactions in you. You either have already expressed these reactions, or will soon do so in the future. That’s intense, good luck. The card however, invites you to focus on the period right after the barking. Thus, it proposes a period of release, rest and recharge. 


Romantically, the bark symbolisms a frontal meeting of energies. For the good or the bad. Here too, the bark implies its recoil: the period right after. The card needs you to reflect on what is left after the event? The frustration or the fulfillment, probably both. 


The orange shapes in the image refer to a period of intense confrontation or honesty. Their dark blue surroundings show the aftermath, and the sea of possibilities arising from that. 



Ventilate whatever is boiling, tend to the aftermath.