A rigged dialogue that makes visible negotiations of control and vulnerability


3 bodies that are suspended in a not-immediately-understandable-rigged situation. They are suspended from different body parts: the hair, the mouth, the head, one arm, the pelvis, one foot or two feet. They improvise, focusing on creating situations in which they subvert the ‘image’ of control or vulnerability that their physical restraint embodies.

People not suspended are watching, at first. They are active witnesses. There is tarot deck suggesting their perspective, the angle from which they watch.

A mediator acts as go-between, linking the rigged bodies to the active witnesses.

This dialogue happens in a corner of a bigger space where other rigged dialogues are set up to happen. The other rigged dialogues involve solo time for a spectator under blankets, writing space with pen and paper, a large common parachute-shelter.

The whole space is a kind of meta-dialogue, which has its overarching dramaturgy, rhythm and invitations.