What is being held in the space?


A dialogue practice that takes place over three days

This is a dialogue with the space and with that which lingers in the space unsaid. 

What is being held in the space? 

Day 1:

  1. The first dialogue takes place under the covers, it is a dialogue between you and whatever is there under the covers with you. The dialogue lasts 15 minutes and is private. After 15 minutes, . five minutes of automatic writing or speaking into a recorder (any language). You can leave it into the space or take it with you. Draw a tarot card from the pack. Dialogue with that card.
  2. Come out of the covers. The rigging now is lit up. Maybe some kind of sound appears. There are some rigged situations with human bodies, some with objects. There are some rigged situations for just sitting on (like a swing: inviting but not too dangerous). There are also pens, papers and microphones dotted and suspended around the space. This dialogue is a dialogue with that which is making the space. It will last 45 minutes. It is not a safe space, discomfort is okay, only acts of hatred are not tolerated. It is a careful space. You are invited to sit or lie. You are invited to use the microphones. All these are acts of dialogue. 
  3. Next, a dialogue with each other. Write a letter, record your voice. With what is unsaid, with what is unspoken. In the form of a letter. Read later, perhaps anonymous, an act of love. This dialogue takes 15 minutes. 
  4. A dialogue in groups of two. We place you in pairs by offering you the end of a thread. At the other end of the thread is your partner. You have to find each other. Each pair will receive one of the letters. Find a space in the room and have a spoken dialogue around one of the letters. Letters are randomly assigned. 
  5. You are invited into the crafts room. Here you will make a tarot card. These tarot cards will be added to the infinite deck of tarot for future dialogues. 

Day 2: Dialogue(s) on the topic of a tarot card.

Day 3: Devised after care.

In the space, there is a dominatrix and a space fairy. The dominatrix will tell you what to do. The space fairy will hear your needs and offer you cuddles. 

There is also a ‘breakout room’ with drinks.