This is everyday life. Nothing special. More or less like usual. Checking in and out with your body. Let’s check in again. How does your body feel? Your skin, your bones, articulations, muscles, the flesh, your head, the way your eyes are open and your focus, could be soft or insisting, worried, calm, a bit of everything maybe. Now if you feel like it you can close your eyes. Acknowledge all of that and take a bit breath. At your own tempo, inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. With this breath, it is as if your body allows an unlimited amount of space. A space for being here, in this room, space for unexpected emotions, for people we know, emotions we met, anonymous people. For different kind of energies, energy from those high black painted wooden walls, from the different kind of lights, from the person next to you or only the sound of my voice. The way you perceive it. As a mumbling like the buzz of a bee or like a teenager sharing a deep secret to their friend at night. A loud secret and a buzzing bee. This is what it might be, or something else for sure. As long as it circulates. Around us, through the light. Exploding those walls. Not for everyone else to see it, just for here and now. For intimacy.