Close your eyes. Forget about everything. Everything. Everything. Put yourself in a position of amnesia. As if the place you are now is escaping from you. Literally, as if where you are now was a cinema set, disappearing by being further and further away from you. You, yourself, whatever yourself would mean to you, even imaginary, dissolves from that space. Your point of view is not anymore spectator of this complete dissolution, but you become each and every detail of your imagination, which is actually dissolving. You are now in a stage where everything is new but familiar. Familiar because comfortable but new as things you unlearned. There is no need to learn anything again. Just enjoy this state of being where everything is unlearned and nothing is expected from you. How much room does it give? What are you imagining now? What kind of place are you? Could it be a place of unlearning? What kind of time and space could you imagine which would allow unlearned thoughts? What would that mean? Take your time to imagine any place, anything, any time, any color, any texture, any weather, any light, situation, memories, imaginary memories, from the future maybe, that allows for unlearning, allows for no judgment, for a fresh continuous state of imaginary memories from the future. Embody that place, you have blurred the skin of your body with the skin of that space, with no distinction. Stay in that state for a moment. And whenever you feel ready, slowly open your eyes and keep that place somewhere with you, in the way you want.