Be ready, be ready for no ends. Be really ready. For doing, for being, for listening, for accepting, for no ends, for breathing. Be ready for nothing. Ready for deception, for excitement, for a big laugh. Be there for others to be ready. Collectively being ready for nothing. Ready to say no. Ready to escape. Ready to participate. Ready alone with you. Steady together. Steady for joy. Steady in despair. Steady with us. The environment, the floor, the air, the exit, the entrance, humans, the dirt. Steady together. Ready and steady in frustration. Steady in disruption and continuation. Ready for exploring. Steady in nothing. Ready for mapping nothingness. Steady in what’s there, in being accessible. Ready to take distance. To be there, in a corner of the universe. Steady in nothing. Ready for keeping it for yourself, steady in sharing the nothingness. Ready for disclosure, for shouting, for crying, for whispering, for a big laugh, for nothing, for thinking you are someone or something else, for being someone or something else, for moving, connecting, loneliness, abundance, believing, steadiness, irony, silence, nothingness.