Find a comfortable position in space. Close your eyes if you feel like it but you don’t have to. You are here, now, sharing a space, sharing objects, sharing presences. The interactions between all those things decide how the sharing takes place. Which shape? We all trace the outlines of that sharing, bodies as objects, floor, walls, air as beings, everything in between. Start by slowly tracing the outlines of what you consider being your close surrounding at that precise moment. Whatever that means to you and the way you want it to. It can manifest itself by a movement, as simple, big, detailed, as you want, as slow, careful, sure or hesitant. A change of direction, a change of focus. A change of place in space. Now extend that outline, with more blurry edges, one that does not separate beings, surroundings. Move carefully according to that feeling of porous edges. Extended blurriness that makes everything clear, or at least palpable, in the reach of a movement, whatever movement means to you, imaginary, symbolically, the friction between the skin and the fabric of the clothes, the weight shifting through the ground. Go on with that movement and find comfort in it, comfort in reach. Comfort in shifting, shifting weight, shifting perspectives, shifting edges. Breath in that movement. Find comfort in that movement. Allow repetition. The edges of your focus get blurry. Through the movement, in between the floor, the air, your bones, gravity, your focus is transforming, shifting, floating, time=travelling. Continuously. An ongoing movement, an ongoing shift. A shift of perspectives and edges. As relaxed or challenging as you want it to be. Explore the space, explore how you feel today in this space, explore the sensations of you moving, whatever that means to you. When you feel ready, let that movement fade and keep all the sensations with you, as if past and present had no clear differences. An ongoing present. The movement transforms and what is left is the one allowing you to be here, standing or sitting or laying or any other position, shifting listening continuously in this ongoing present. At your own tempo, open your eyes again if you had them closed. Take a big breath, at your own tempo. Acknowledge your surroundings again. Ready to continue, to share, to dialogue.