Find a place comfortable in the room. Sitting, laying, standing, on the floor, a chair. Close your eyes at your own tempo, only if you feel like it. Relax your body, your muscles, the skin above your eyes, locate the tensions for yourself and try to slowly release that tension. Take a deep breath, at your own tempo. Allow any thoughts that pops in your mind. Accept them, welcome them. Don’t let them obsess you. Allow other thoughts to come. As for movement. Allow the surrounding to surprise you and allow yourself to move according to it. If the feeling of the floor against your skin makes you want to move in a particular way, please do so. Welcome the floor, welcome the temperature. Welcome the mood you are in, welcome the emerging thoughts. Allow the space, the physical space, the imaginary space, to help you welcome those thoughts. Let them surprise you. Let the physical space and the imaginary space guide you in a simple movement. Whatever that movement is. The size of the movement, the speed. Stay comfortable. Let yourself slowly engage in a repetition of this movement. Even if the repetition is not perceptible by anyone else. Enter your own cycle, as irregular as you want it to be. Ongoing but welcoming. Whenever you feel ready, slowly step out of your cycle. Exit that movement you were installed in. Until you reach a state of stillness again. A stillness not very still. Everything is still welcome to gravitate inside, outside and in between you. Let this gravitation reach you. Moving in stillness. Digest the repetition. Welcome the surprises. At your own tempo, again, open your eyes.